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146 Md Nazmodduha Rafat, Is Fatimah, Saksit Chanthai and Won-Chun Oh 11(2), December 2020, pp. 213-231 Synthesizing of novel photocatalyst and recent advancement in photocatalytic hydrogen evolution 파일다운로드
145 Youngbok Lee, Hyung Woo Kim, Dae-Wook Kim, Seungjoon Ahn, Ho Seob Kim 11(2), December 2020, pp. 207-212 The design and fabrication of a wafer-scale microlens for multiple microcolumns 파일다운로드
144 Zambaga Otgonbayar, Chang Sung Lim, Suresh Sagadevan, Kyung-Sang Cho, Won-Chun Oh 11(2), December 2020, pp. 185-205 New tailoring of photocatalyst for the photocatalytic CO2 reduction 파일다운로드
143 Hyun Woo Yu, Dong Jin Kim 11(2), December 2020, pp. 175-183 Algorithm for Real Time Pen Coordinate Estimation of Electromagnetic Digitizer 파일다운로드
142 Guotao Dong, Ye Ge, Tianhao Hu,Zhihao Hu,Youyang Chen,Jing Wang 11(2), December 2020, pp. 163-174 Preparation and Properties of Carbon-based Metal Oxide Composite Electrode Materials 파일다운로드
141 Tianhao Hu,Guotao Dong,Ye Ge,Zhihao Hu,Youyang Chen,Jing Wang 11(2), December 2020, pp. 149-161 Preparation and application of graphene and carbon quantum dot composites 파일다운로드
140 Won-Chun Oh, Zambaga Otgonbayar, Md Nazmodduha Rafat, Kamrun Nahar Fatema, Chang Sung Lim 11(2), December 2020, pp. 139-147 Synthesis of Microcrystalline AgGd(MoO4)2:Yb3+/Ho3+/Tm3+ Upconversion Phosphors and Their Spectroscopic Properties 파일다운로드
139 Chang Sung Lim 11(2), December 2020, pp. 129-137 Microwave Sol-gel Based Synthesis of Ho3+/Yb3+/Tm3+ tri-doped KGd(WO4)2 Phosphors and Their Upconversion Photoluminescence Properties 파일다운로드
138 Ye Ge, Tianhao Hu, Guotao Dong, Youyang Chen, Zhihao Hu, Jing Wang 11(2), December 2020, pp. 119-127 Fabrication and properties of transparent Eu:Lu2O3 scintillation ceramics 파일다운로드
137 Chong-Hun Jung 11(2), 2020, pp. 109-117, Study on the Oxide Formation for Alloy 800 at pH 8.4 파일다운로드
136 Arunchai Unasri and Saksit Chanthai* 11(1), June 2020, pp. 65-108, Carbon dots and graphene quantum dots doped and/or co-doped with labile elements as facile fluorescence turn-on/off sensors for heavy metals analysis: A Review 파일다운로드
135 Zambaga Otgonbayar 1, Won-Chun Oh 1. 2* 11(1), June 2020, pp. 47-64, Preparation of Activated carbon from Coal and their application in the adsorption of heavy metal ions 파일다운로드
134 Won-Chun Oh, Hak Su Kim, Ki Soo Lee, Chang Sung Lim* 11(1), June 2020, pp. 37-45, Microwave Sol-Gel Derived Synthesis of Ho3+/Yb3+/Tm3+ Tri-doped NaGd(WO4)2 Phosphors and Their Spectroscopic Properties 파일다운로드
133 Chang Sung Lim, Md Nazmodduha Rafat and Won-Chun Oh* 11(1), June 2020, pp. 21-36, A review of recent advance studies of synthesizing novel material for enhancing photo driven hydrogen evolution 파일다운로드
132 Shuai Ma1, Yanfen Wang*2, Feiyan Yang3 11(1), June 2020, pp. 13-19, Preparation of TiO2/AmPAM Composite Materials with Improved Photocatalytic Performance and Flocculation Effect 파일다운로드
131 XiuhuaYu1, GuojunCheng1*, MuqingSi1, GuoxinDing1, ZhoufengWang1, KonghuTian1, Chuyang Xu1 11(1), June 2020, pp. 1-12, Modification of MMT by different modifiers and their effects on the mechanical properties of SBS 파일다운로드
130 M. Hemalatha1, C. Panimaya salethammal2, M. Gayathri3 10(2), December 2019, pp. 237-243, SYNTHESIS AND OPTICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF ZINC OXIDE AEROGEL NANO - MODIFIED SOL-GEL METHOD 파일다운로드
129 William Teja Laksmana and Won-Chun Oh* 10(2), December 2019, pp. 203-221, Recent Studies of Photocatalytic Ammonia Degradation with Various Types of Semiconductor 파일다운로드
128 A. Jacquiline Regina Mary1, S.Arumugam2 10(2), December 2019, pp. 223-235, Fabrication of Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide (AZO) Transparent Conductive Oxide Thin Films by Spray Pyrolysis Technique 파일다운로드
127 Md Nazmodduha Rafat and Won-Chun Oh* 10(2), December 2019, pp. 185-201, A Short review of material synthesizing process by using ultrasonic method and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution via water splitting 파일다운로드
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